Which is the Best Rift Guide?

Since you came to my site, i have a hunch that this might be your question. First of all let me just say i am a passionate Rift player (more like a maniac) and i have created this blog to help you with finding a good Rift guide that will help you with leveling, building, crafting… you name it!

OK, so there is a bunch of Rift Guides online, but not all of them are actually worth their price. Most of them are okay, some are not up to date, some are better, and then there’s these two Top rift guides that i have handpicked for you. You don’t need to spend your money buying up every guide there is and figuring out on your own which is the best (there’s already other people who have done this for you). I have separated two guides from the crowd and on this blog  i will give you my Top Rift Guide picks, complete with reviews.

There’s also a whole lot of builds and leveling tips that come from me and/or the Best Rift guides.

Let’s talk about our top pick.


My Top Rift Guide Pick

Rift Supremacy – The No. 1 Rift Guide

Rift Supremacy - The very Best Rift Guide Rift Supremacy guide is the guide created by the professional gamer that beat the game in beta testing and so far in my eyes this is the Best Rift Guide at the moment. Rift Supremacy guide contains both Defiant and Guardian guides on leveling plus a bunch of the best PvP Builds. All your builds comes with Video, so you can actually watch how to build your class! And this is the only Rift Guides on the market that has this option. Rift Supremacy is Constantly updated for all the Rift patches. Another nice touch is that it includes several maps! Bonus: With this guide you will get special access to their VIP Members only forum so you can exchange builds and tips & tricks with all the other members. If you are looking for a guide that contains everything that you could possibly look for in a good Rift Guide you are on the right spot, the only downside with this guide is that is not very comprehensive when it comes to the beginners. This guides mostly for players that already play Rift.

Read our Rift Supremacy Guide Review here

What is the best Rift Guide: Conclusion

What is the best? Both are very good, but if you know what are you doing in Rift and you have some hours playing Rift behind you then Rift Supremacy guide is right for you. The only other competitor to the title would be the Xerxes guide which in some parts are more geared towards the Rift-beginner . Xerxes is not only a beginners guide but if you have already gotten used to playing Rift a bit, the Rift supremacy guide would be my recommendation. Go ahead and check it out and see if the top rift guide – like it is for many player already – is a good fit for you too.

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