Best Rift Rogue DPS Builds

Rift is one of the best MMORPGs of today, providing an extensive character building system in order to allow each player to create its own unique character build. I believe it is probably the most dynamic PVP games online of today.

If you want to dominate in the Rift Rogue’s PvP, it is imperative to plan and optimize for the best rift rogue DPS build. I want to share with some tips on great DPS-builds that will dominate your enemies and deal tons of damage to anyone who dares to challenge you in PvP!

Choosing Your Build

If you love dealing a lot of damage, then my best choice is the Marksman tier. Try to ignore the extra movement points as much as you can – you won’t really need them in a DPS build. Instead, focus on those points in the tier that will allow you to do maximum damage.

While in the 1.7 version of the game the mages got a bit too nerfed, the rogues and warriors got a much expected buff. Choosing your best DPS build will require for you to study each type of character. My opinion is that the best pick when it comes choosing a DPS build character is the Rogue one, as its strength is impressive comparing to others.

Rogue DPS Builds

If maximum damage is how you roll you will want to go for the Marksman. Then all ancillary points should be put into the Ranger. Ignore movement speed for Marksman tier and stay focused on anything that might help you do damage.

A combo i want to mention is the Repelling Shot coupled Improved Swift Shot for solo and PvP ownage; not so much useful in a dungeon though. Here the Increased Fire Power and Sharpshooter are better placed talent points.

Your pet can provide nice extra damage in a fight. In dungeons i prefer to keep it dismissed; sometimes the pathing system mess up and cause more problems by drawing enemies than the benefit of the damage. It is much easier to keep it in reserve for use in bossfighting.

For your third soul i recommend the Bladedancer. For only 6 points you are given some really useful passive stats, plus the great Combat Pose dex-buff.

PvP And Dungeon Builds

Personally i think that the best PvP and best Dungeon build is one and the same – the Bard and the Marksman (can you tell i like the Marksman, eh?).

Cadence is really mighty on PvP. The group healing is great  – your team is probably close by and several players may be taking damage at the same time. To crank it up even more, Cadence gathers quick combo points which should then be put on Hasted Shot or maybe Deadeye Shot.

Movement speed upgrades in Marksman will allow you to chase down beaten and dying players easily and it will of course also enhance your ability to escape when necessary. If i get bogged down in trouble, a Repelling Shot and then a Hasted Shot is great (and then RUN FOR IT!). If that doesn’t work out, On the Double and Crossfire will help to put some distance between yourself and the opponent.

This should provide you with a good base to experiment from and find your own perfect builds. Good luck and happy hunting!

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